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Superheroes of Science

Mar 16, 2020

Professor Birgit Kaufmann started her career path with an interest in Astrophysics, and now her research exists at the intersection of both math and physics. Birgit works on problems motivated by physics, and uses advanced mathematical techniques to develop solutions. Her research includes working with problems related to non-equilibrium dynamics. Additionally, she has collaborated with scientists from the departments of physics, chemistry, and chemical engineering to synthesize a gyroid structure that exists in nature on the wings of butterflies and beetles. One of Birgit’s current interests is in quantum computing where she is currently looking at problems that can be submitted to run on a quantum computer in Canada. Birgit describes the importance of publishing scientific work and attending conferences in order to let the scientific community know about current research efforts. She emphasizes the importance for students to utilize office hours and join discussion forums when they experience challenges in coursework and have questions.