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Superheroes of Science

Feb 23, 2023

Dr. Paul Mathewson, Science Program Director for Clean Wisconsin, joined us to discuss some current initiatives related to solar energy and address several misconceptions about this alternative energy source. We also learned about agrivoltaics, where several crops can be farmed together while utilizing land space for...

Feb 7, 2023

Discover the wonders of Titan, the second-largest moon in our Solar System! Start your outer space journey and explore an alien world like no other. Titan is unique – its atmosphere, clouds, and vast oceans are made of methane instead of water.

Jan 20, 2023

Minimally invasive surgeries are ideal for reducing recovery time for patients. Biomedical engineers play an important role in figuring out the design requirements needed for developing useful devices for both physicians and other end users. Creasy Clauser, Research Manager for Cook Medical, describes the role of a...

Jan 10, 2023

From space weathering to lunar soils, Dr. Michelle Thompson, Purdue University EAPS,  is actively furthering our knowledge about the universe. She not only knows about meteors and meteorites, she teaches professionals how to handle and research these interstellar objects. We caught up with her to learn about what these...