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Superheroes of Science

Aug 10, 2020


Dr. Emily Hall is a staff scientist and program manager at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. Hall explains her involvement with Mote, where she runs both the Ocean Acidification and Chemical and Physical Ecology programs. She discusses how oceans are able to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, therefore making them more acidic. Hall explains how scientists study and collect data about the oceans’ carbonate system. She also discusses what Red Tide is and how it can majorly impact both the food chain and human health. Hall explains that researching science questions generally leads to more questions. She shares that students need to reach out to others in order to discover more about careers they might be interested in exploring. She also tells us to explore other subjects in college to see what you might fall in love with. We discussed “Blue Holes” and Hall explains what they are and how they formed. Hall also explains what is involved with scientific diving and the process of becoming a technically certified underwater cave diver.