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Superheroes of Science

Aug 1, 2020

Don Robison seed administrator for the Office of Indiana State Chemist discusses seeds from China. The U.S. and other countries are getting unknown seed packets that vary in types. These seeds can be very dangerous to the U.S. agriculture and  economy if planted.  Don tells us that throwing them away is the same as planting them. He explains the 3 possible issues with these seeds. Don, tells Indiana residents to send the seed packets to the USDA APHIS (  

Don discusses the impacts of various noxious weeds and invasive species. Indiana is in the top five states in corn, soybeans, popcorn, field-grown tomatoes, duck production, egg production, and chicken production.  He discusses what it takes to become a certified seed analyst and the roles that a seed analyst might have. Discussions in the differences in hemp and marijuana, the history of hemp in the U.S., the uses and regulations of hemp.