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Superheroes of Science

Dec 9, 2019

Chris Andronicos started his adventure into science at Los Alamos where he found his passion for geology. He studies the evolution of the solid earth, particularly the continental and oceanic crust, and underlying mantle lithosphere. He discusses the concepts of ‘melt’, the geology of both Oman and Greece, and what an outcrop is. Chris has been part of groups that have discovered new minerals including rare alloys of copper and aluminum that only form in meteorites. The tools of the trade for this field geologist are primarily a Brunton compass and a petrographic microscope.  Chris can look at a rock through a microscope and tell all kinds of things about the rock. However, he can often tell you what a rock is just by touching it, (before even looking at it)! Chris and his wife are both first-generation college grads and their advice to students is to be persistent.